My first official cover!

Baby's on Fire Cover


Baby’s on Fire 

I am so excited about this and still can not believe it actually happened! When I started this drawing it was out of pure fun because the story of AF Henley’s novel instantly

captured me. It was  mesmerising and sparked the urge in me to do this drawing. Being born long after the glam rock era ended, I was fascinated about how life for them was back then.

Little did I know when I started sketching how all this would turn out! 😀

One of my drawings as official cover on front of a novel! 😀

I am pumped! And it still is sinking in.

AF Henley, buddy, I can never thank you enough for believing in me and for your unending, unwavering support! Without your help this drawing would not be the cover for your amazing novel. <3<3<3

And a huge thank you also goes to Megan Derr from Less Than Three Press! I am so happy and very grateful for accepting this as the cover and for giving me a chance! 😀 It is awesome to work with you.

I am looking forward to other opportunities. 🙂

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