New Art in the Safe M/M Art Section


Fan art for the m/m novel Road Trip! 😀

See full pic here!

WOLF, WY Cover

Wolf, WY

My latest cover art! 😀 Wolf, WY the new stunning novel by AF Henley, published by Less Than Three Press. Coming October 21st. 🙂

Wolf, WY — Cover Reveal and Giveaway — Today!

From over my buddy’s website! Do not miss the chance to win this giveaway! 😀

AF Henley

ComingSoonWWIt’s coming… Wolf, WY 

Book 1 in the Wolf series

I won’t give it away here, but please feel free to join me today at Love Bytes Reviews for an exclusivecover reveal and giveaway…

Check it out here:

All it takes is a comment on the Love Bytes post above for you to enter the giveaway: a $10 Gift Certificate to the Less Than Three Press book market

What’s that, you say, a mere comment? Yes, I tell you, just a single comment! 😀

Hope to see you there!

AF Henley ❤

Pre-orders now being taken at Less Than Three Press. Save 15% and order your copy today!

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