Cover Art

To celebrate the exclusive cover reveal for Wolf, WY by AF Henley which was graciously hosted by Love Bytes Reviews on July 25th, I am opening a new section called Cover Art. It will contain art that was created by me and was used on covers for novels.

This section will also showcase samples of other cover art that I did out of curiosity and for fun in order to introduce my work to authors and publishers who might be interested in pursuing my art.

Some drawings in the future could be NSFW and adult stuff.

Wolf, WY


by AF Henley

Published by Less Than Three Press

Coming on October 21st

This is the official cover art for the first book in what will be an awesome series by AF Henley. I worked on this during the winter months, so getting in the right mood for the cover was not a very difficult task. 😀 The idea for this cover came from AF Henley himself. 🙂

Baby's on Fire

Baby’s on Fire

by AF Henley

Published by Less Than Three Press

My first drawing that was accepted as cover art for a novel! 😀

It was incredibly fun to do this drawing! Part of the story takes the reader back into the year 1974 during the Glam Rock era!

Being born some years later, for me it was a great trip into the past and a wild and crazy time when rock stars where not as mainstream as they are today. It would be cool to have a time machine and being able to go back there. 🙂


Like it says this drawing is still under construction. 🙂

The picture is featuring the characters Boyd (left) and Oliver from AF Henley’s wonderful novel Road Trip.

I did this drawing on my own (this is not the cover for the novel) because I wanted to capture the spirit of being out there on the road in that wide open country (which will be seen when I post the finished drawing). 🙂

the Gift

While AF Henley was working on his brilliant and thrilling novel the Gift, he wondered about this image he had on his mind about the two main characters, Doren, the rock star (the guy in the background) and curly-haired August (later his assistant) as well as Doren’s band (which will also play a vital role), start out as separate characters in a fight for their life against dark and dangerous powers and become united.

I immediately jumped to the opportunity! It was a chance to hone some of my drawing abilities.

So I privately did this art and gave it as fan art and as a gift to my awesome buddy Henley. 🙂

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    • Thank you so much for your kind comment, my friend! 😀

      You are most welcome, buddy! 😀 Thank YOU for all the inspiration. Words for you can never be kind enough! 😀

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