Safe M/M Art

Happy Ever After (February 2021)

I was inspired by this scene by the gorgeous and important novel ”But by the Grace of Dog” by my amazing buddy A.F. Henley. 😃 Meet Thom (centre), Justin (left), and Dog. 😃
Although this exact scene does not happen in his novel every element from this drawing is in there.

Thank you so, so much, my friend for allowing me to use your amazing characters for my art and for the great time you gave me reading your work and doing this drawing! ❤️😃🐕

Digital drawing

Heron (December 2020)

Heron, son of Zeus from the animated series ”Blood of Zeus”. Some nice guys in it. 😀


Rory and Danny (Januar 2016)

Rory and Danny are back! 😀

This drawing is a birthday gift for my dear friend AF Henley. It is based on the short story The Way We Were, he wrote for me as birthday gift two years ago. I will always love these two guys as they came into my life during a very special, wonderful time. The short story is absolutely beautiful as she takes a look back at their relationship and reminds us that the simplest things in life can make the most memorable and happiest moments. 🙂

Thank you for the inspiration, my friend and for understanding so well.


Road Trip

August 2015

These are Boyd (left) and Oliver the main characters in AF Henley’s wonderful and exciting m/m romance novel Road Trip.

I drew them the way that I imagine them. I wanted this drawing to capture the spirit of a road trip. A wide open scenery touched by the rising sun that begins its ascent into a bright blue sky and a romantic moment. 🙂

Ah yes, the balloons! They appear in a very important and romantic scene in Road Trip.

Boyd and Oliver 2

Boyd (right) and Oliver

A quick and rough sketch of the two very likeable and wonderful main characters (the way I imagine them) from AF Henley’s upcoming

m/m novel Road Trip. I had the opportunity to read the book and love the story and these two so much that I had to draw them. 😀

Forty-two Stairs Comic, Part 1Forty-two Stairs Comic, Part 2Forty-two Stairs

Did this little fun comic in celebration of the recent release of AF Henley’s newest m/m novel Forty-two Stairs. 🙂

I so love the characters of Owen and Sebastian (purple hair) as they struggle to overcome personal issues and try to make their love work.

Please visit these links o ind out more about AF Henley’s awesome work. You will find lots of free stories from him on y!Gallery but you need to be of legal age to create a free account there.



This piece shows a moment from A.F.Henley’s latest novel Sonata. It is a wonderful, thoughtful and very touching story about fate bringing together again and again two men with very different lifes, one of them hiding a secret, terrifying him so much that he believes he can not trust anyone.

The drawing shows Cole (front), a little boy suffering from Asperger’s Syndrome. Next to him on the bench is Ian with Jordan standing at the piano. The pic depicts a wonderful moment (one of many in the story) which also is a pivotal one in the story.

You can find more about the incredibly talented A.F. Henley on his website

You can also find the collection of erotic m/m short stories here at

y!Gallery is an 18+ site so you need to register but it is for free.


That Magic Moment

Rory’s and Danny’s wedding. They are the main and supporting fictional characters in A.F. Henley’s (aka Freedom1001) novels “Fault Lines”, “Disaster Recovery” and the short story “On Solid Ground”. Free’s writing is as amazing as it is inspiring that’s why this drawing came into existence.

You can find more about this wonderful author here

and here at

y!Gallery is an 18+ site so you need to register but it is for free.

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