Traditional Art


John Liege (April 2017)

The author and main character from A.F. Henley’s great novel The Chase and the Catch, that is supposed to write Parker Chase’s biography. That is the plan. Or is it?

”See, John,” he tilted his head and gave John a brilliant silver-screen worthy smile, ”I’m not even really sure this story is going to be about me.”

John frowned. ”I don’t understand.”

”You’re not supposed to.”

I did this sketch for the same oil painting that I am currently working on, that also has Parker Chase in it. 😃

Parker Chase (April 2017)

The man that John Liege was warned about by Parker’s own butler in A.F. Henley’s great novel The Chase and the Catch.

“What is your concern is that you should not be here. Not now, not ever. Not you. Do yourself a favour, Mr. Liege, and go home. Forget about this project. Forget about Parker Chase altogether.”

This drawing is just a rough sketch for an oil painting I am working on. I guess I am getting a little nervous painting John Liege and Parker Chase because I have not painted with oils in years. This sketch serves to reassure me where I want to go with the characters. Especially hair and facial features. Another sketch of John Liege will follow. 😃

(I think his hairline is a bit low? And maybe he needs to look a little older) 🤔

Pencil on paper


Tender Moment (March 2017)

Another first timer after a very long pause doing traditional art: pastels.

I did not have to think long about which motive to pick for my first pastel drawing. My buddy A.F. Henley’s wonderful characters Owen (with the short hair) and Sebastian ”Baba“ instantly came to mind. 😃

In Henley’s thoughtful and captivating novel ”Forty-two Stairs“, Owen, who achieved a lot in his young life lost everything due to his serious problems with alcohol. Switching from his own house to a worn down apartment, he meets Sebastian, a young man suffering from anxiety attacks.

They develop feelings for each other and their love is so beautiful and tender and most important: a very honest one. ❤️

It is this beauty and tenderness of their love that made me feel that pastels where the perfect medium to portrait a very intimate moment between these two very likable characters.

I took a photo of the drawing as it was too large to fit my scanner here.

Soft pastels on coloured paper, 66 x 50 cm



Jamie Campbell Bower as Jace Wayland (February 2017)

from the movie “Mortal Instruments”. I wanted to familiarise myself with watercolours again so I used the sketch done earlier. To be more precise, I drew this piece with water soluble pencils and then used brushes and water to get the watercolour effect.

Done on Hahnemühle Cornwall watercolour paper.


Jace (January 2017)

Pencils on paper

Rough sketch of Jamie Campbell Bower’s character Jace Wayland from the movie ”The Mortal Instruments“. I made this sketch in an attempt to capture Jamie Bower’s features.



”Butterfly” (January 2017)

Charcoal, crayons, and pastels on paper

It has been so many years since I did traditional art and decided to try it again. 😃

This is my first piece and it may take some time finding my legs again. I almost forgot what huge fun it is to really get your fingers dirty while feeling a real pen touching real paper. It brings an intimacy between an artist and his work that digital art can not fully provide.

This piece has been inspired by my gorgeous buddy A.F. Henley and he also helped me hugely with symbols. You ARE the Google King, my friend! 😃

Do not get me wrong. I love digital art and will not abandon it. But I felt this urge to go back to the roots and do something different. 😃


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