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BLAZE  (JULY 2020)

Finally finished it! 😃🎨

This a character that I wanted to paint for years! Meet Blaze Zaituc created by my buddy A.F. Henley for his breathtaking, smoking hot m/m romance short story ”Blaze”. Later A.F. Henley and Kelly Wire co-wrote the stunning full blown m/m novel ”Vision Quest”. It starts with Henley’s short story and keeps going from there.

You can legally download an all platforms, absolutely free copy of ”Vision Quest” here at jms books. 😃🌈

Oil on canvas 80 x 100 cm.

Two Guys in Love (January 2020)

Pencil sketch of two not so random guys who are crazy in love with each other for quite some time now. ❤️

Pencils  on Hahnemühle Draft & Sketch sketchbook paper 140g/m2, A4

Dustin and Nicolæ (November 2019)

These two characters, created by my awesome buddy and author A.F.Henley will always have a special place in my heart. ❤️

This scene is depicted from a scene from a short story called ”Lega” where Nicolæ (right) performs a love vow in Romanian language (SO freaking hot! ❤️)

Dustin and Nicolæ are the main characters in A.F. Henley’s gorgeous gay romance story ”Înflori” which you can find at JMS Books.

Thank you very, very much for letting me use your amazing characters for my art! 😃❤️

Pencils on Hahnemühle Draft & Sketch sketchbook paper 140g/m2, 29,7cm x 42,0cm.

Gerry and Mark (December 2018)

I always wanted to paint these two boys! Gerry (on the left) and Mark: glam-rock idol in 1974 in my wonderful buddy’s A.F. Henley amazing, decade-spanning novel ”Baby’s on Fire”

When I read this novel, I wonder how stunning the 70s must have been in a way. From today’s perspective these times seem so wild and the stars back then had so much more personality and flair (in a good or bad way). A.F. Henley manages to bring back a feeling of how it must have been then in the bright light on the stage and in the shadows behind it. And somehow, being born in the late eighties, I was missing something amazing and I feel a little cheated by life because of that.

Again, thank you so very much, my friend, for the inspiration your work brings to my life and for allowing me to use your gorgeous characters in my art! ❤️

Schminke Horadam watercolours and Polychromos colour pencils on 300 g Arches watercolour paper.

Haruo and Metphies (November 2018)

Haruo (on the right) is the main human Character of the Netflix trilogy Godzilla: Planet of the Monsters. He is friends with Metphies an alien.

From the minute these two appeared together on the screen, I could not help the feeling that there is much more between them than ”just being friends”.

That is how this painting started and I let my fantasy have its way. 😃

There is an intimacy, something, that has my hopes high they are both in love with each other. So far it has not been shown explicitly in the movies (two are released on Netflix so far) but one can always hope. The makers of the movies also have avoided to show Haruo to be the stereotypical action character who is exclusively into girls so I have my fingers crossed for these two guys. 😃❤️

And of course, being a huge Godzilla fan, I could not resist the bring the big boy into the painting as well! 😄

Schmincke Horadam watercolours on Arches watercolour paper 300 g. The original size of this painting is 55 cm x 59 cm.


Cole (September 2018)

Meet Cole, the boy diagnosed with Asperger’s syndrome from my buddy’s A.F. Henley gorgeous story “Sonata”.

This story is as captivating as it is heartbreaking and A.F. Henley handled Cole’s case with so much instinctive feeling and dignity!

Although Cole is not the main character in this novel, I felt like I had to paint him because his life touched me.

Buddy, thank you so much for the inspiration that made this painting possible and for allowing me to use your wonderful character Cole for my art! ❤️

Schmincke Horadam watercolours on Strathmore Art Book watercolour paper 300g.

Rory Meets DannyRory Meets Danny (August 2018)

My first attempt on a more complex watercolour painting. I know it is far from being a masterpiece with probably an endless list of mistakes. But hey, you live, you learn! Besides? I had tons of fun doing this! Why?

This painting depicts a scene from an unpublished story from my awesome buddy A.F. Henley: Fault Lines – Cheater.

He let me read it some years ago and I was blown! I instantly fell in love love with his writing style. And no less have I fallen in love with his characters Rory (left) and Danny. A love that lasts until today. 😘

Fault Lines – Cheater is but one of a series of stories leading from one set of characters to another, all intertwined in fate and in the end they appear like a huge family.

Rory, Danny, Connor, Scott, Lee, Blake, Dante, Aaron, Jeff, Gabe, Tristan, and Gavin – I loved you when I first read about you during a time when there where huge and beautiful changes in my own life. And I will always love you guys!

Thank you buddy for introducing the boys to me. ❤️

Schmincke Horadam watercolours on Strathmore Art Book watercolour paper 300g.

SurferSurfer (August 2018)

Vanessa Vale


Adult Coloring Book

I got this wonderful and hilarious gift from an amazing friend and will post a page from it every now and then when I have coloured one. 😀

So prepare for, and I quote: ”30 sinfully hot men and horrendously bad pick-up lines“! 😄

Such great fun to finally return to colour these drawings! I will never get enough from these pick-up lines!

John Liege (April 2017)

The author and main character from A.F. Henley’s great novel The Chase and the Catch, that is supposed to write Parker Chase’s biography. That is the plan. Or is it?

”See, John,” he tilted his head and gave John a brilliant silver-screen worthy smile, ”I’m not even really sure this story is going to be about me.”

John frowned. ”I don’t understand.”

”You’re not supposed to.”

I did this sketch for the same oil painting that I am currently working on, that also has Parker Chase in it. 😃

Parker Chase (April 2017)

The man that John Liege was warned about by Parker’s own butler in A.F. Henley’s great novel The Chase and the Catch.

“What is your concern is that you should not be here. Not now, not ever. Not you. Do yourself a favour, Mr. Liege, and go home. Forget about this project. Forget about Parker Chase altogether.”

This drawing is just a rough sketch for an oil painting I am working on. I guess I am getting a little nervous painting John Liege and Parker Chase because I have not painted with oils in years. This sketch serves to reassure me where I want to go with the characters. Especially hair and facial features. Another sketch of John Liege will follow. 😃

(I think his hairline is a bit low? And maybe he needs to look a little older) 🤔

Pencil on paper


Tender Moment (March 2017)

Another first timer after a very long pause doing traditional art: pastels.

I did not have to think long about which motive to pick for my first pastel drawing. My buddy A.F. Henley’s wonderful characters Owen (with the short hair) and Sebastian ”Baba“ instantly came to mind. 😃

In Henley’s thoughtful and captivating novel ”Forty-two Stairs“, Owen, who achieved a lot in his young life lost everything due to his serious problems with alcohol. Switching from his own house to a worn down apartment, he meets Sebastian, a young man suffering from anxiety attacks.

They develop feelings for each other and their love is so beautiful and tender and most important: a very honest one. ❤️

It is this beauty and tenderness of their love that made me feel that pastels where the perfect medium to portrait a very intimate moment between these two very likable characters.

I took a photo of the drawing as it was too large to fit my scanner here.

Soft pastels on coloured paper, 66 x 50 cm



Jamie Campbell Bower as Jace Wayland (February 2017)

from the movie “Mortal Instruments”. I wanted to familiarise myself with watercolours again so I used the sketch done earlier. To be more precise, I drew this piece with water soluble pencils and then used brushes and water to get the watercolour effect.

Done on Hahnemühle Cornwall watercolour paper.


Jace (January 2017)

Pencils on paper

Rough sketch of Jamie Campbell Bower’s character Jace Wayland from the movie ”The Mortal Instruments“. I made this sketch in an attempt to capture Jamie Bower’s features.



”Butterfly” (January 2017)

Charcoal, crayons, and pastels on paper

It has been so many years since I did traditional art and decided to try it again. 😃

This is my first piece and it may take some time finding my legs again. I almost forgot what huge fun it is to really get your fingers dirty while feeling a real pen touching real paper. It brings an intimacy between an artist and his work that digital art can not fully provide.

This piece has been inspired by my gorgeous buddy A.F. Henley and he also helped me hugely with symbols. You ARE the Google King, my friend! 😃

Do not get me wrong. I love digital art and will not abandon it. But I felt this urge to go back to the roots and do something different. 😃

5 thoughts on “Traditional Art

    • Thank YOU so very, very much for your wonderful comment! I am seriously appreciating it and it absolutely helps with feeling encouraged and wanting to go on! 😃😃😃

  1. This post just showed up for me under another art blog I follow. I love that one “Rory meets Danny” — the two guys at the bar — wonderful colours, layout, details, everything! Yes you are very talented! Keep going!

    • Thaaannnk you very, very much for your wonderful comment! 😀 I will be honest. This is what makes an artist’s heart rejoice.You have my word that I won’t stop!:D Currently I am working on an oil painting of a sexy Romanian guy. 😉

      • Aw. Thanks drawboy. So cool that you work in oils too. I have never tried it. Only watercolour and acrylic. My oil-arting buddies say I should try working with oils. But writing is enough for good for now. I write with water most of the time. 😉

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